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Modular Office Buildings

Portable Offices, Workshops and Pre-fabricated building solutions for the commercial sector

Modular offices and workshop buildings are known by many names such as pre-fabricated, temporary or mobile offices. These names all refer to the same thing which is modular building. The term modular office block refers to the way the buildings are built in “modules”. This method has been likened to the Lego concept where each part is built individually and is then added to the main structure. In theory, a modular structure can be as small or as large as you like based on what permits you have.

Image of an office building
Sunbury Modular Office and Workshop Installation

Effective Pre-fabricated Commercial Office Space

Small Modular office block
A portable modular office perfect for use on a range of different sites.

Pre-fabricated modular offices are a cost-effective solution to the space needs of any business. Whether its for a back garden office or an onsite multi-room facility optimisation is key. These modular office buildings are a cost-effective, productivity-boosting solution.

The flexibility of the portable modular / pre-fabricated concept has greater benefits than mainstream construction. Up until recently prefabricated office’s were simply a simple wooden box with a door and window. Although these type of buildings are still widely used today (we ourselves still make this type of portable office) we find they are mainly used on construction sites where the focus is on purpose over form. We have had experience of building office and workshop spaces together. Modular buildings are built off site so cause minimal disruption and also can take significantly less time to complete. They can also be more cost effective while remaining high quality.

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    Excellent service, My building was built to my exact requirements, delivered on time and its construction far surpassed my expectations.

    Cranage of modules on site
    John Hadley