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Toilet blocks and washroom facilities

You never get a second chance to make a first impression – Wintech Modular will ensure your facilities work hard for you and don’t let you down on the flush!

We have fabricated many washrooms, toilets, and shower blocks for a range of different sites. Our cabins are all custom built so the number of cubicles, the types of fittings and the layout are all chosen by you. We will guide you through the process and help with all the decision making. Portable or modular toilet blocks are ideal for campsites, they are attractive facilities that can be installed on some of the hardest to reach sites. We have lots of cladding, roofing and flooring options to choose from.

We are here to guide you through the decision-making process of purchasing your bespoke modular washroom facilities and campsite toilet blocks, if at any point you need any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us. Creating your bespoke toilet and washroom units and shower facilities to suit your requirements is very important to us. We have created many different bespoke campsite toilet and washroom facilities as seen in our case studies. This straightforward 5 step system will take you through the initial planning for your unique modular toilet and shower facilities.

Let’s get you started to plan your bespoke modular campsite toilet and shower facilities. You will see your ideal modular facility actually laid out by working through this short form – you will get clarity too and see why the Wintech 5-Steps to Modular Build Success has all your bases covered. We will help you on your build journey with advice and feedback providing the best quality build.

A campsite washroom
Toilet and sink combinations can be discussed.
Sink and toilet installed in a cubicle
A sink and toilet unit installed in a washroom with vinyl flooring.

Start Creating Your Unique Modular Toilet & Shower Block

If you want to start a conversation with us (we are always here to help) complete the on-line form and submit it to us. This initial enquiry can be altered and we will pick up with you at where you are at. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers or information yet – lets just get you started!

We will answer your queries and help you bring your project to fruition – and you get the option to get a plan of your proposed building too!


Wintech’s customer service is second to none. They also excel at devising creative solutions in their building designs.

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