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What makes us so special?

Here at Wintech Modular we have gained years of experience working on different modular builds. From toilet blocks and shower units to portable offices we have adapted to fit the needs of all our individual clients. We are happy to adapt and work on new projects and always like to work on bespoke builds. Our case studies show our past work and how we have adapted to create a build tailored to our client’s individual build requirements. Our knowledge and experience are what gives our customers the confidence in us. We have provided modular builds for many industries including industrial, educational, and hi-tech to rural and remote outposts and camping retreats. Every time we build another project you get the experience, learnings, improvements, and enthusiasm of everything we have done over the decades.

Some people are put off by the thought of the aesthetics of a modular building but with the various cladding and finishing options we can adapt the look to fit external surroundings and adjoining structures. With our past builds we have worked with different materials for roofing, cladding, and flooring. The materials alone are used for maximum efficiency inkling the timber plasterboard and cladding. We also are not limited to the size of what we can build and deliver to you (as long as you have the correct permits). Optimisation of space is always a key factor to any build, so we always work with that in mind to ensure we make the most of your space. Depending on the project the delivery time is from roughly 6-12 weeks which is a huge saving when compared to that of a traditional build.

We Value Our Clients

Knowing what is going on with your project is important that is why we value communication. Communicating with our clients is important for organisation and progression of the project. We know that customer support and dedication to always respond to queries and questions is important especially when constructing your custom build. From starting the project, we begin from scratch finding out what you want and then will help guide you through the full decision process. Modular is not just a destination it’s a journey that takes all the requirements and decisions and produces a high-quality product. We offer full installation as standard because your final building matters just as much to us as it does to you.

Make It Last

Not only do we build new on site but because modular buildings are perfect to be reused for a new purpose over its life, we can refurbish them too. With an experienced team that can complete a project at our works or on site, a run down, portable building can be fit for a new purpose and have a new lease of life. Just like our new modular buildings we can also work towards any requirements or specific needs. If adding to your build is something you want to do then you can add to it in the future. Wintech Modular really allows you build your vision today with tomorrow in mind.

Wintech Modular is determined to work with the clients to produce the best build. We value our clients, their feedback and what they wish to accomplish. I you have an questions or want to learn more contact us on 01302 759447 or email sales@wintechmodular.co.uk