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Top 5 Reasons To Switch To Modular Buildings

In this series of blogs we’re going to be giving you an in-depth explanation as to why you should switch to Modular Buildings. This blog aims to give you a brief overview of what’s to come in the series.

What are the advantages of purchasing a modular building?

The benefits of modular buildings have resulted in widespread acceptance of modular construction as a better alternative than conventional construction. There are many contributing factors that have led to this switch such as environmentally friendly resources, ease of construction and the speed of which the buildings can be erected.

Crane moving portable washroom modular building

Speed of Constructing a Modular Building

Modular buildings are initially manufactured in a plant and then transported to the desired location. This ensures a speedy construction process as building and site work can be done simultaneously. In addition, climate conditions will not effect assembly or harm the building materials.

Eco friendly

Eco-Friendly Process

Materials are minimised in the construction of modular buildings. There is low waste in the production process due to a set structure being perfectly planned. Modular buildings are better for the environment than conventional construction.

You can choose a further range of green options including: rainwater harvesting systems, turf or sedum green roofs, photovoltaic solar roof modules, wind turbines and ground and air sourced heat pumps.


Modular buildings are different to your conventional construction as they can be made for both permanent and temporary needs. This ensures flexibility as it is easy to refurbish and expand them. In addition, they can be disassembled and relocated for different uses.

Modular buildings are easy to be recycled due to the easy process of disassembling them.

Modular building quality


Modular buildings are designed from scratch specifically to meet your needs. With third party inspections and certification for quality control, they are more durable than site-built structures.

Built to withstand travel, they are air tight, with high thermal performance, and they have high quality damp and cold resistance.

modular buildings are cost effective

Cut costs

Materials can be bought in bulk. This means that there is a lower cost of construction and knowing the specific measurements means there is little waste. All buildings are based off of a standard one, this allows exact measurements to be known.

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