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modular buildings
Image of a modular building
Must You Obtain Planning Permission for Modular Buildings? Many understandably wonder if it is necessary to secure planning permission for modular buildings. This is especially the case when the unit is not planned for long term use. You may also be wondering the same, that’s why we prepared this page to guide you. In this...
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Modular building under construction
Modular buildings are revolutionizing the way building construction is done. Especially now that traditional construction seems to have hit its ceiling, modular construction is set to take building to the next level. This is especially key for a construction industry that has seen productivity growth of only about 1% a year in the last two...
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modular building being transported
Modular buildings have changed a lot in the way building construction is done. They are constructed in a process that is far more efficient than traditional construction even though they are designed to meet the same International Building Code. They also have a lot of advantages, ranging from lower cost and faster delivery time to...
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Image of a modular building
Creating modular buildings is extremely popular at the moment. They are inexpensive, and can be designed to meet your needs perfectly. But there are a few challenges that come from creating modular buildings. One of them is that you never really know how long they will actually last. This is why it’s good to know...
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building materials for modular classroom
I’m sure we can all agree that for any growing business, extra space is often a necessity (and an expensive one at that) But what if I were to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so pricey? Modular office buildings can be anywhere between 10-20% less expensive than traditional building methods – perhaps...
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Portable toilet block
If you’re a campsite owner I hope you’ll agree with me when I say maintaining outdoor facilities is a challenge. The rain can seriously make maintaining facilities difficult. What if I told you this would no longer be an issue? In this blog, I look to outline and explain in-depth how portable toilet and shower...
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modular building worker
I know what you’re thinking: How can modular buildings save me money? I was sceptical at first as well but after doing my research the results are surprising. Did you know that modular buildings can save you over 20% of what you’d initially spend on traditional construction methods? In this blog, I’m going to discuss...
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modular Site Office
How do Modular Buildings offer greater flexibility than traditional construction? Modular Buildings are easy to transport from site to site  A lot of our customers are construction companies that need site offices. The issue with erecting a traditional office is that you need to demolish or take down the office after work has been complete....
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eco friendly modular buildings
How are modular buildings better for the environment than any other construction process? Modular Buildings are the ultimate way to conserve the environment during the construction process. Modular Buildings, due to their standard design reduce the waste of materials significantly. With bespoke designs sometimes it can take awhile to get it right but with a...
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Modular building
The speed of construction for modular buildings can be hugely beneficial especially during construction of site offices. How is a modular building constructed? Before we analyse how fast a modular building can be constructed it’s important to know how one is actually constructed. First, the manufacturers take an order from the client on what they...
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