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Portable Shower Unit/Facility

Project Description

We created Haubois Activity Centre a portable shower unit with the dimensions 8.1 x 2.9m (27 x 9.5ft). The portable shower unit had  2 accessible cubicles and 4 standard shower cubicles. The units exterior face is clad with Norclad T&G timber with personnel doors to each cubicle.

The ceilings are lined with vinyl faced plasterboard along with the walls in the plant room. Walls in the shower cubicles are clad with Polyflor Polyclad Pu vinyl and the floors throughout are covered with Polysafe Hydro vinyl. Floors are sloped to drain water and the floors are lined with vinyl coverage making the cubicle adequately waterproof.

The standard shower cubicle is fitted with a standard thermostatic bar mixer shower. The accessible cubicle has an inclusive bottom bar mixer shower and doc M shower pack with an alarm fitted to provide universal provision for all users.

ClientHautbois Activity Centre
What We DidA Shower Facility
Size8.1 x 2.9m (27 x 9.5ft)



Lighting in all areas are controlled via a ceiling mounted P.I.R which switches the cubicle light on if movement is detected, Lighting is provided by one ceiling mounted bulkhead light in each cubicle.


Heating is provided by a down flow electric heater sited above each door.Outlets and inlets are on the rear wall of the unit to allow for convenient hook up to existing services.Outlets and inlets are on the rear wall of the unit to allow for convenient hook up to existing services.


Hot water to the showers is provided by 2 LPG water heaters located in the plant room in the centre of the building. Consumer unit and water stop cock also located here.

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