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Portable Offices

Portable Offices, Blocks and Pre-fabricated building solutions for the commercial sector

Modular offices / office blocks and buildings are known by many names such as pre-fabricated, temporary and mobile offices. These names all refer to the same thing which is a modular building. The term modular office block refers to the way the buildings are built in “modules”. This method has been likened to the lego concept where each part is built singly then added to the main structure. In theory, a modular structure can be as small or as large as you like based on what permits you have.

Effective Pre-fabricated commercial office space

Pre-fabricated modular offices and buildings are a cost-effective solution to the space needs of any business from a back garden office to a multi-room facility. These structures are a cost-effective, productivity-boosting solution.

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The flexibility of the modular / pre-fabricated concept has greater benefits than mainstream construction. Up until recently prefabricated office’s were simply a wooden box with a door and window. Although these type of buildings are still used today (we ourselves still make this type of portable office) we find they are mainly used on construction sites where the focus is on purpose over form.

Various Needs

  • For the person wanting a simple office at home, we build small modular office blocks/pods. These office pods, whilst small in footprint, contain everything you need to carry out your work. We are able to supply the pods/blocks with built-in desks, storage space and tea/coffee facilities. This isn't a fixed option and we can ship you an empty shell that you can furnish yourself.
  • For larger projects, we are able to meet your specifications. Our office units are manufactured in our Nottinghamshire manufacturing facility. As all units are bespoke we will match either your or your architecture's designs.

Environmentally Friendly

  • We don’t want to get into a discussion on how green a modular building compares to a traditional brick and mortar building. A modern modular office block is environmentally friendly not just in it’s day to day use but also during the construction phase due to the way it is built.
  • Building in a factory means there is less wastage of materials. Our modular offices are insulated with modern Eco-friendly materials giving the building some serious green credentials.


Unlike brick built buildings, modular offices /office blocks/buildings are made of much lighter materials so the foundations do not have to be as complex. For a permanent modular building, we are looking at a concrete base rather than a full foundation. Again this aids in the cost reduction of a modular project. Once the prefabricated building has been completed in the factory the installation process is quite straight forward and swift in its application.

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