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Why Modular Classrooms are perfect for your school

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that some school facilities aren’t the greatest. It’s not the school’s fault and is often down to a lack of funding.

What if I told you a lack of facilities could be a thing of the past?

In this blog, we look to explain why modular classrooms are the perfect solution for your school.

Firstly, what are modular classrooms?

To begin I’d like you to imagine a regular classroom or school block. They’re typically large, made from brick or concrete and sometimes have outdated facilities. If your school is very fortunate to get an extremely healthy budget, then you’re able to afford the state-of-the-art buildings and facilities that we see in areas such as London. However, a lot of schools especially in rural areas don’t have this budget so often get left with outdated facilities and buildings.

So to get back to question in hand, modular classrooms are classrooms that have been built off-site (so off of school premises) to a high quality and are prefabricated. Modular classrooms come in modules which join together so the height and dimensions of your classroom or even school block are endless. You can have one modular building or ten, either way, you’ll have yourself an affordable classroom/ school block.

Modular classrooms near housing estate

Do you know the greatest thing about modular classrooms? They’re transportable.

Now I know what you’re thinking. How is a classroom being transportable good? Well, listen closely. As we briefly mentioned earlier some schools have bigger budgets than others. This budget goes to new buildings, repairs and maintenance of buildings and site, employing staff, paying for heating and electricity, buying food, buying resources etc. If a school doesn’t have a huge budget then the rate of repairs can decrease, staff can be made redundant, they cut down on resources etc.

So, modular classrooms being transportable is actually really useful and here’s why. If your school has bought a modular classroom and is struggling with the budget they’ve been given, then you can sell the modular classroom in order to earn some money. Not only do you get a lump sum from selling the modular classroom but you also save money by not having to maintain it, pump electricity and heating into it etc.

But wait, there’s more…

Able to squeeze into those tight places.

So back in the day, my school was unable to upgrade its main building due to the fact that we had no room to get construction crews in and we also didn’t have time to construct the building. Although it was the summer holidays that wasn’t enough time to get things done. Even if we could get construction crews in they’d pose not only a health and safety issue but also a safeguarding issue.

With modular construction, as everything is done off-site, construction crews don’t need to be on-site for extended periods of time and instead can just be on-site for the assembling of the modular classroom.

To explain the original statement, modular classrooms are able to fit into those tight spots and it’s because of the above why they do it so effortlessly.

Imagine this: You own a school with 3 major buildings and between those you’ve got 3 classroom blocks for teaching other subjects. You want to expand but construction crews can’t set up a safe site without risk of injury. By working off-site in a safer environment, construction crews have an easier time assembling a modular building.

Obviously, the only real trouble is assembling that building in the tight spot but it’s easier to do it this way than to risk the lives of workers working in an unsafe environment.

Modular classrooms near a housing estate

Permanent or temporary, you decide

One of the great things about modular buildings is that you can choose whether or not you wish to make the building a temporary or permanent solution.

As modular buildings are transportable they are great at offering temporary solutions. Modular buildings such as site offices are typically used as temporary solutions as it makes no sense for a permanent site office.

However, most schools want a permanent solution which is made possible with ease. By laying a slab foundation and adjusting to a new set of regulations, transitioning from a temporary to a permanent solution has never been easier.

Easier to maintain

With modular buildings, the intent of the design is to be easy to clean and maintain. But what does that phrase mean? What do I mean when I say easy to maintain?

Being easy to maintain means, in this instance, that it’s easy to clean a modular building on the outside and inside and that it’s easier to perform any repairs if needed. As modular buildings come in standard sizes and designs it’s pretty easy to replace any parts that need repairing.

Depending on the designs you choose obviously depends on how hard it is to clean but for the outside, you can have an easy time cleaning it with a jet wash. As for the inside if you choose laminate flooring a good old mop and water is a good choice. However, don’t take my word for it, read this article instead.

Modular building wooden floorboards

A super convenient, cost-effective solution

One of the stand out things when it comes to modular buildings is their approach to cost. Modular buildings are one of the most effective solutions when it comes to construction. For example, seen as though modular buildings don’t take as long to build which saves you money in labour charges, machine rentals etc.

However, I’m not going to go too in-depth in this blog as we have a separate blog that covers the 6 cost-effective ways that modular buildings will save you money.

Updated, Customisable, Modern Design

One of the great things about modular buildings is their ability to fit seamlessly into different architectural designs. For instance, if you have a very modern school then the design of your modular classroom can fit seamlessly into the environment. The great thing about having these customisable designs is they don’t just have to have a modern exterior.

What do I mean by this? If your school is quite old, it can often look ridiculous having a modern facility next to old buildings. This is why having the ability to customise the design is so unique and important. You can customise the building to have an old exterior but have very modern interiors.

Luxurious office blocks next to a river

To summarise

Let’s have a quick recap of what we’ve discussed, shall we?

Modular classrooms are perfect for your school as they’re easy to maintain and clean as well as providing a cost-effective solution to reduced budgets. Not only this but they’re easily customisable to the design you require.

What next?

If you’ve enjoyed this blog we’d really appreciate it if you left your feedback in the comments below.

What was your favourite part of the blog? Was it how cost-effective modular classrooms are? Be sure to let us know.

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