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Portable Toilet & Shower Blocks – An In Depth Guide To What You Need

If you’re a campsite owner I hope you’ll agree with me when I say maintaining outdoor facilities is a challenge. The rain can seriously make maintaining facilities difficult.

What if I told you this would no longer be an issue?

In this blog, I look to outline and explain in-depth how portable toilet and shower blocks can provide you with the perfect solution.

**Note I use portable washrooms, wash blocks and portable toilet and shower blocks interchangeably throughout this post**

Firstly, don’t all campsites and holiday parks have toilet and shower blocks?

No, and here’s why. Toilet and Shower Blocks, as you can imagine, require cleaning daily which for some campsites is too much hard work. It’s not because they’re lazy or don’t care about hygiene but for some campsites, it’s too much work for a small crew. On top of this, because toilet and shower blocks are outside permanently you’ll find that not only does their life expectancy decrease but the rate of maintenance also increases.

Obviously, this isn’t the case for all toilet and shower blocks but some are really poorly built and lead to things such as damp and cracked cladding.

Let’s weigh that up for a second though: As a campsite owner, you have to not only maintain your campsite for 365 days a year but also a wash block for 365 days of the year. Daily cleaning and regular maintenance is enough to drive anyone insane. When we look at it like that you can see why many campsites opt against wash blocks.

However, the lack of a wash block and toilet block can often deter people from staying at your campsite which means you lose out on money.

What are the main advantages and drawbacks of a regular toilet and shower block?

If you’re like me you always analyze the advantages and drawbacks of anything before you make an impulse decision. For me and the majority of campers, we like to be able to clean ourselves. Although camping is all about being out in nature taking in the scenery. Staying clean in this situation isn’t always a priority but when you stay at a campsite where you interact with people on a day to day basis your hygiene routine is crucial.

Toilet and shower blocks help to keep your hygiene levels in check as they provide you with a safe place to empty your bowels and have a wash. As a business owner, you should look into having a toilet and shower block installed on your site as it will attract a lot more interest from potential campers. If you’re a clean freak like me you won’t stay anywhere where you can’t safely wash yourself.



From a camper’s perspective, there really aren’t any drawbacks to having a toilet and shower facility onsite. However, from a business owners perspective, I can understand why they opt-out of it.

Toilet and shower blocks can come with a hefty upfront fee and you won’t see that return on investment straight away. This alone typically deters campsite owners from purchasing toilet and shower blocks but that isn’t the only drawback.

Say your camping season lasts from April to September you have 5 months of reasonable weather along with a continuous stream of campers staying on your site. From your perspective business is doing well but it’s the other 7 months that are crucial.

In the 7 months where there aren’t really any campers and the weather becomes dreary and miserable. This weather can be very damaging towards your facilities especially if they’re outdoors and in the open. If your wash facilities are outside they’ll take a battering from the weather which may cause you to fork out a tonne of money in repairs.

As you can see this risk deters a lot of campsite owners from purchasing a wash block but what if we could eliminate this risk?

In comes portable toilet and shower blocks to save the day

Portable toilet and shower blocks are the ideal solution for campsite owners. I believe portable toilet and shower blocks to be the better investment than a regular toilet and shower block, here’s why.

Red thumbs down drawing

Say Goodbye to Winter Months

As we discussed earlier winter months are a torrid time for campsite owners. In these months everything seems to break and shut down or everything needs repairing. In this instance, an outdoor wash block doesn’t have to be an issue.

The great thing about portable toilet and shower blocks is that they can be disassembled or relocated to a safer area. As they have to be portable these toilet and shower blocks can often be disassembled into smaller components which can then, in turn, be stored somewhere. If you don’t have a suitable place to store your disassembled wash block you can always store it in a safe storage facility.

Imagine that! 7 months of not having to go out every day to inspect your wash block for damage.

Money Maker in disguise

Although it is a hefty price to pay for a campsite wash block you can often times make money from it if you play your cards right. In the spring, summer and autumn months your portable toilet and shower block will allow you to make huge profits by attracting potential customers; however, it’s the winter months where they can really be useful.

Picture this: Instead of having a wash block outside gathering dust and costing you money to maintain you could instead rent it to construction sites or other companies that could need it more.

Hand with money notes and coins

How good would that be? You lend somebody your wash block and get paid for it. The wash block will be out of your hair and you won’t need to worry about it.

One consideration you do need to make and something worth mentioning to potential renters is that you want your wash block to return to you in the condition you rented it out in.

What does this mean? If you’re lending your wash block out to somebody you don’t want it to return to you in a mangled piece of steel framing. It’s important if you’re wanting to maximize profits that you have to spend little on repairs when it comes back to you.

As a campsite owner do I really need one?

I can’t answer this for you as it’s completely down to you, I’m not going to force anything on you; however, for me, it makes sense to buy a shower and toilet block for your campsite.

Not only does a portable toilet and shower block attract more campers to your site but it also helps to make you a profit in the winter months by renting it out to other people such as construction sites.

Is it only campsites that use portable shower and toilet blocks?

No there are a lot of other industries and companies that use portable toilet and shower blocks. For instance, one of our clients that we worked with called Hautbois Activity Centre requested that we build them a portable shower facility. To learn more about what we did click on the link above.

There is an abundance of different companies that could profit from portable toilet and shower blocks. Sports facilities that can’t have a new building fitted, events such as festivals where sufficient wash facilities are required, construction sites for where workers might be working with harmful materials so require regular showers etc.

Believe me when I say that campsites aren’t the only companies to use this type of product.

Portable washroom modular building

I’ve been to a campsite before and their facilities weren’t good. Why should I trust that portable shower and toilet blocks are different?

I know what you mean exactly with this and I think if you’ve grown up as a child in England you’ll have experienced it.

A little backstory:

As a child growing up in a working-class town that used to mine coal we didn’t have much going for us. Our school’s facilities were just awful. Although the toilets were nice around the school, for physical education they were disgusting. They were damp, crawling with mould and absolutely freezing.

I think a large majority of people may have experienced this or something similar so I can see exactly what you mean by some of the camping facilities. Some campsite owners don’t maintain their facilities well and others just can’t afford good outdoor facilities.

This can all change with portable wash facilities. Portable wash facilities have become very advanced and allow you to add features such as radiators, underground heating, proper ventilation and condensation extractors.

I know these features seem crazy and unrealistic but they really are possible. In fact, we did them for one of our recent projects which you can find here.

What does this mean for you?

From a customer’s perspective, you get a lovely warm, damp free toilet and shower facility. No more freezing cold and mouldy shower rooms.

As for being an owner of one of these facilities, you’ll be left with satisfied customers and a washroom that is easy to keep mould free. It really is worth the investment.

Fitted portable washroom modular building

Am I able to customise these washrooms or do they all come standard?

You are indeed able to customise our portable washrooms. You are able to customise how many standard showers you need, how many disabled showers you need, how many standard toilets and again how many disabled toilets you need. Not only this but you get to customise sinks, aesthetics, underground heating, radiators etc.

You can really customise your washrooms to make it unique to you and your business.

How are these portable toilet and shower blocks set up? How do you install them?

Well, as portable toilet and shower blocks are a form of modular building we set them up in exactly the same way we would set up a modular classroom for example.

Firstly, our clients use our online wash block builder to construct what they want their wash block to look like. Our builder outlines how many toilets and showers you need, what you want the wash block to look like etc. However, we like to have a meeting with our clients to finalise any plans. Sometimes they’ll think of other added features that they’d like adding so we always finalise plans before we begin constructing your wash block.

After the plans are finalised we begin constructing your design which can take anywhere from One Month to 3 Months depending on what components you’re looking to add. Alternatively, if you’re looking at one of our standard blocks it could be assembled even quicker.

Efficiency is key

To speed up construction, whilst the construction process is happening, we come and survey your site to see where the best place to lay your washroom would be. For instance, we look to identify a stable, level piece of land to lay your washroom. If this isn’t possible we either have to level out land or make some adjustments to the surrounding environment and lay a solid concrete base. In fact, if you’re wanting to have a permanent/ semi-permanent wash facility then a concrete base is the most suitable.

Moving a modular building portable washroom

We also look at planning and potentially installing any pipework that you need such as your water pipes, drainage pipes, gas pipes etc. This saves us from doing it later into the build.

Once the base is established and the washroom is ready we deliver it to your site and install it. Depending on the size the building either comes fully constructed or in parts which we will then assemble on site. This process doesn’t take too long and can be finished in a couple of days if that.

After it’s on the ground it’s just a matter of connecting the pipework and you’re good to go, wash block installed! (If you wish to learn more about modular building installations feel free to check out the rest of our blogs)

That was a long read, wasn’t it? Moving on from this, a question we get asked a lot is this:

Do I have to purchase a wash block straight up? Is there nothing else you can do for me?

As a matter of fact, we can do something for you. Instead of buying a washroom you can instead hire one from us as a trial period. We understand that some people aren’t ready to commit to a high-end purchase straight away or don’t need a washroom on a permanent basis which is why we offer you the chance to hire one of our washrooms.

Don’t worry you still have the ability to customise the washroom so you don’t get a boring standard washroom.

To Recap

To recap what we’ve gone over in this article: We’ve discussed who use wash blocks, how wash blocks can save and even earn you money, if you should really buy money and how they’re installed.

Interested in one of portable toilet and shower blocks?

If you wish to purchase a wash block please feel free to get in touch. We’re open Mon-Fri from 8 am – 8 pm and are contactable via phone (01302 759447) or email (sales@wintechmodular.co.uk). Alternatively, fill in our quote form and we’ll give you a call.

What next?

We really hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth guide on our portable toilet and shower blocks.

If you have enjoyed this blog we’d love to hear from you. What was your favourite part?

Leave a comment down below and remember, we’d really appreciate it if you shared this blog and gave it a like.

That’s all from us we’ll see you on the next one.

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