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Modular Buildings
Our 60 tonne crane on site
Inspection of our onsite crane Taking care of all of our equipment, tools and machinery is very important to us here at Wintech Modular Projects. This list includes our 60-tonne crane which we are pleased to announce has just passed its annual inspection after another busy year! Passing its annual inspection shows our dedication to...
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We are excited to announce that we have passed both the annual H&S Constructionline and CHAS renewals. We are proud that we have passed these Accreditations as this helps us show our dedication towards health and safety in the construction and modular building industry. These accreditations ensures you can be confident in the work we...
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Our Wintech Modular logo on a timber clad building
Opening a new door into the Modular building industry As a company which enjoys constantly improving, expanding, and taking on new ventures, we are celebrating another significant company milestone with the news that we have taken on our very first apprentice! We are welcoming Toby who is taking a Level 2 Carpentry & Joinery course...
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Timber cladding on a single modular cabin
Modular Building Materials The construction of a modular building must result in a durable and high-quality product that meets all of the same building requirements of a traditional build. Here at Wintech Modular we choose the materials that will make sure that the building is structurally sound, long lasting and makes the building appear attractive....
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Modular building
One of the most useful implementations of modular buildings is the adaptation or fabrication of them for the purpose of providing temporary or permanent offices. Some portable offices are temporary requirements, some are additions to pre-existing facilities and others are permanent office buildings. They are extremely flexible. We ourselves use a portable building as an...
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Multi-functional office and workshop
The truth about Modular Buildings. The modular building industry is a constantly evolving, developing, and growing area of construction. There are a lot of concerns and ideas around modular buildings and portable or temporary builds. In recent years the quality and capabilities of them have improved so much that some of these worries are no...
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Modular classroom
What makes us so special? Here at Wintech Modular we have gained years of experience working on different modular builds. From toilet blocks and shower units to portable offices we have adapted to fit the needs of all our individual clients. We are happy to adapt and work on new projects and always like to...
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Image of a modular building
Must You Obtain Planning Permission for Modular Buildings? Many understandably wonder if it is necessary to secure planning permission for modular buildings. This is especially the case when the unit is not planned for long term use. You may also be wondering the same, that’s why we prepared this page to guide you. In this...
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steel frame with studwork being installed
Modular buildings are revolutionizing the way building construction is done. Especially now that traditional construction seems to have hit its ceiling, modular construction is set to take building to the next level. This is especially key for a construction industry that has seen productivity growth of only about 1% a year in the last two...
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modular building depreciation
Modular buildings have changed a lot in the way building construction is done. They are constructed in a process that is far more efficient than traditional construction even though they are designed to meet the same International Building Code. They also have a lot of vantages, ranging from lower cost and faster delivery time to...
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