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Why shipping containers are fast becoming the best secure storage container

When asked what the best secure storage container is we have one answer; shipping containers.


Shipping containers are quickly becoming the go to when it comes to secure storage containers and it’s for good reason. Steel containers have all the characteristics you expect for a secure storage container: They’re durable, versatile, weatherproof, cheap, stackable, transportable and last a life time if treated correctly.

So far we’ve identified the characteristics that shipping containers posses but we haven’t discussed how practical they are in the real world.


Many people picture shipping containers to be bulky and difficult to work with and that’s because they are. A standard 20ft shipping container weighs 2 tonnes which means you either have to hire a crane or a flatbed truck with a winch capable of lifting 2 tonnes. Although they are bulky and sometimes clumsy after you’ve relocated them to your desired location they are well worth the hassle.

secure storage container

How much do they cost? Surely the price isn’t worth the hassle of the transportation.


Based on current figures, over a 20-year period, you would spend 68 times the amount on renting a 200 square feet storage bin as opposed to buying a 200 square feet shipping container. Imagine that, you could buy 68 shipping containers and get 13,800 square feet of space for the same price!


Shipping containers are therefore the far better alternative to established storage facilities and take up less room.


Shipping containers can be stacked on top of each other which means they don’t take up as much room and they can be transported. Imagine being able to pick up your belongings and being able to transport them around easily. Instead of unpacking a storage bin, hiring a mover, renting a new storage bin and then unpacking everything again you can just hire a flatbed and transport your shipping container to the new site.


I know what you’re thinking, who’s going to use a shipping container and why does it need to be secure.


Well like we’ve discussed above they’re cheap, durable, weatherproof, compact (in a sense), transportable and versatile. They are pretty much purposely built to be secure storage containers.

But who would use them?


A variety of people can use shipping containers as secure storage containers. If you’re a construction business looking for on-site storage, then these containers are perfect for you. If you’re a school looking for extra storage at low costs these containers are once again perfect for you.




To conclude shipping containers are the perfect solution for secure storage containers. They’re cheap, durable, weatherproof, stackable, transportable and versatile. They’re especially perfect for schools who struggle with financial restrictions.


If you’re looking for a secure storage container, Wintech provide the perfect solution. If you’re interested in a secure storage container please fill out our quote form or alternatively contact us via email or phone .

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