Modular Workshops and Prefabricated Office Building

Wintech modular were commissioned by the environment agency to come up with a unique high quality modular building that can be used as a workshop and an office building. The building that we constructed for the environmental agency is 16m x 12m and consisted of 8 modules split into modular workshops and office space. Most of the prefabrication of the building was done in our factory in Harworth just south of Doncaster and shipped to site in Sunbury on Thames for final assembly.

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How To Apply For Planning Permission For A Modular Building

Applying for planning permission for a modular built building should not be any more complicated then a normal build.

One of the many questions we are asked here at Wintech Modular buildings is how do you go about getting planning permission for a modular building. For those that are not familiar with the Modular / prefabrication principal see below for brief explanation of modular buildings.

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Turning a Shipping Container into a Home

If you have read our blog in the past you will know I am a freak for recycling old stuff into housing I love the concept of taking something designed for one purpose, in this case a shipping container and converting it into something new. Here in the UK we have quite strict planning laws that (sometimes) make it hard to create a living space by re purposing, but the US seems a little ahead of us when it comes to this creative recycling for accommodation.

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Time is Being Called on the Post War Prefab Homes

As you know, with what we do, the prefab is close to our hearts. Its been with us for many many years and the homes erected after the second world war are being taken down and replaced. Is it a good thing? While its true to say those prefabricated buildings built in Britain’s post war era were designed to last for only 10 years have lasted for over 60 years and stood the test of time. Not as eco friendly or very well insulated unlike today’s modular buildings, yet; they were home to many families.

It’s sad to see them go but time marches on.

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Why modular buildings

There is no building, commercial or domestic that can not be built as a modular building. Prefabrication of a building is very well suited to a number of different tasks including on site sales office, banks, self contained personal accommodation, coffee shops the list goes on and on.

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A Prefabricated Modular Building System

If you stop by our blog once in a while you will see that we are great fans of green living when its combined with any sort of smart building methods such as prefabricated buildings. We have just happened on this article on a green living blog about a modular building system that can be changed to suite a family or organisations changing need now we love this sort of stuff so please read on.

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Government primes prefab for housing crisis fight

If you have read our blog in the past you will see how we like to keep abreast of anything involving modular building and one of those things we are interested in is the ability of modular construction to help with the UK housing shortage. With Housing in our opinion overpriced and many being squeezed out, prefabrication of homes is the long term answer. Prefabricated homes provide high quality housing at a cost that is affordable to the hard-working british family. We have come across an interesting article on the architects journal website. it seems the UK government is with us on this one.

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Blueprints for Prefabricated Austerity Schools Unveiled

A trio of official blueprints for cut-price, prefabricated schools of the future have been unveiled by the government in England.
The designs, two for secondary and one for primary, cost a third less than those built in recent years, the government says. Heads can opt out of the designs, but they cannot spend more than these cost. Already dubbed “austerity schools”, they will be smaller than those built under the last national building plan.

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3d Printing Prefabricated Building Taken to a New Level

Build a custom home in 20 hours using a giant 3D printer
We are great fans of fast buildings but this method of prefabrication leaves us in the dust. A professor from the University of Southern California thinks we need to think differently regarding building and 3d printing. A 3d printer normally works on a small scale printing objects of a moderate size but Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis thinks we can do this on a much larger scale using a giant 3d printer and concrete.

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