Shipping Container Conversions

Steel Shipping Container Conversions / Modular Steel Containers and Conversions

Shipping Container Conversions and steel shipping containers are have picked up popularity over the past few years. Steel is strong and durable. It is used for simple buildings, but they last for a very long time. These steel shipping containers / buildings are very versatile and can be used in many different capacities. However, most people do not consider this type of building for much more than warehouses. Well, steel buildings can be used / converted for many buildings besides warehouses. They are cost-effective and stand up to weather and time.

Steel Shipping Container Conversions provide cost effective space

The first kind of steel building that most people consider is the warehouse. A smaller version of this is the humble metal storage shed.

These buildings are cheap and durable for most storage needs. But you can also use steel containers / buildings as garages.

When most people begin to consider building a garage, they consider an expensive addition to their house. metal garages are the perfect solution to this. They are cheaper and simpler to erect. Many even come in kits.

Steel shipping container conversions / modular building is a simple solution as a garage because it can function as a storage area as well as an area to park a car.

You may need to modify the inside a little bit for the garage if you need something that is climate controlled or if you are planning on spending a lot of time in the garage.

Drywall and baffling will allow you to insulate and climate control the building while reducing noise from outside. It is still worth it, however, to use a steel building for a garage.

Conversions for Gymnasiums

Shipping Container Conversions Gymnasium

Another time to consider a steel shipping container / modular building being converted is for a gym.

In fact, steel shipping container conversions used for gyms are quite common, so much so that we don’t even really think about them being converted steel shipping containers / modular buildings in the first place.

The idea behind making a gym out of a converted steel shipping container is that it is durable, yet cost effective. It is a modular building that stands up to the elements on the outside and to team sports and flying balls on the inside.

Now, these steel shipping container conversions can get to be a little chilly, but the solution to this is usually heat lamps in the ceiling. The construction of gyms from steel buildings makes perfect sense.

For Steel Office Blocks

Shipping Container Conversions Office

Many companies have begun to us steel shipping container buildings for conversions into offices or points of operation. This is a cost effective way to construct an office.

These converted steel shipping containers / modular buildings often have more than just steel on the inside in order to make them a little more functional, but they are still the basic steel building.

In fact, many churches are even using converted steel shipping containers as a quick way to create a building.

More advantages…

Another way that steel shipping containers conversions have gained popularity lately, is with the trend of using shipping containers in construction.

Steel Shipping containers are simply steel boxes. When they are put together into buildings, they basically create a steel structure. This is the ultimate steel building in that they are effective buildings, cheap, and good for the environment because you are basically recycling.

Steel shipping containers / steel modular buildings can also be used as shelter for farm animals, military style storage units, and even houses. Steel houses are on the market and are gaining popularity. With a good structure and a good imagination, there is really no limit to what you can do with a steel structure. Don’t be discouraged from using steel buildings because of the look of the buildings.

A good imagination, patience, and modifications to the building can give you the building you are looking for at an effective cost.

Modular Building Sectors


A full range of products and Services means we cover most industry sectors

Wintech Modular Projects have the capability and experience to either manufacture new modular buildings or to refurbish and modify pre-owned modular buildings for supply into many sectors. We offer products are services that cover: Commercial, Education, Nurseries, Sports & Recreation, Camping, Domestic, Construction and Healthcare sectors to name but a few…

Modular Classrooms

Modular Classrooms

Modular Classrooms, School Buildings and Modular Buildings for Children’s Nurseries

Easily expand your room size and learning / teaching potential with a New Modular classroom or school building. Modular school buildings are the answer If you are running out of space in your school. You need to find more options to provide adequate learning spaces for your students, nothing gives you added space quicker or better than modular classrooms.

Modular Offices

Modular Offices

Modular Offices, Office Blocks and Modular Commercial Buildings

Pre-fabricated modular office blocks and buildings are a cost effective solution to the space needs of any business from a back garden office to a multi-room facility. These structures are a real cost saving productivity boosting solution. The flexibility of the modular / pre-fabricated concept is in our minds totally logical and has more benefits that main stream construction.

Modular Extensions

Modular Building Extensions

Cost effective additional space with Pre fabricated Modular Extensions

Pre-fabricated / Modular Building Extensions are an ideal, cost effective way to add additional living / working space to your home or office. Pre-fabricated building extensions are practical, easily and quickly installed and can add to the value of your home. They can be clad in any colour or style you wish and can be made to blend in seamlessly with your existing building.

Shipping Container Conversions

Shipping Container Conversions

Strong and durable, Steel Shipping Containers are ideally suited for conversions

Steel container buildings and steel shipping containers are have picked up popularity over the past few years. Steel is strong and durable. It is used for simple buildings, but they last for a very long time. These steel shipping containers / buildings are very versatile and can be used in many different capacities.

Modular Washrooms

Modular Washrooms / WC Cubicles

Pre fabricated modular washrooms, toilet (WC’s cubicles) and shower blocks

If you’re looking for pre-fabricated / modular toilet blocks (cubicles) / WC’s and or pre-fabricated / modular shower blocks and washrooms, you have come to the right place. Wintech Modular Projects Limited have an extensive range of both new and used pre-fabricated / modular toilet blocks for sale and for hire.

Modular Building Design and Build

Modular Design & Build Services

Full Modular Building Design and Build Services available

The design process of our new Modular / Pre-fabricated Building / Units begins with an initial modular buildings design brief with our client, from which we develop a layout and specification, that has been designed to meet the quality, budget and delivery aspirations of our clients whilst maximising the available usable floor area space.

More information and Enquiries

Wintech Modular Projects Limited provide Modular Buildings to all industry Sectors Including construction, Industrial, Leisure and Education. If You Need Help With Any Modular Building Project or have a question relating to any of the information shown above, please call us today on 01302 759 447. Alternatively you can fill out our general enquiries form and we will get back to you to discuss your needs as soon as possible.

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