Modular Building Refurbishment

Experts in refurbishing and remodeling temporary and modular buildings

Wintech Modular Projects Limited are experienced in modular building refurbishment – refurbishing and re-modelling temporary and modular buildings alike for re-use in sometimes a totally unrelated sector. Second hand buildings may have reached the end of the their present usefulness by being too small or by offering the wrong layout for their current owners, however, providing they are structurally sound they can usually be re-modelled and refurbished to provide years of further service to a new owner. Usually a second hand building can provide us with the structural frame, roof, floor and external walls which we can use as the basis to provide a refurbished building.

Modular Building Refurbishment

Typically a modular building refurbishment can provide a cost saving of between 25% and 50% against the cost of a new building although this obviously is dependent upon the extent of re-modelling and refurbishment required. In addition re-using a pre-owned modular building is of course a tremendous way of recycling a no longer used building which may otherwise have been scrapped.

Modular Building Refurbishment gives the opportunity to carry out various works including:

  • Cladding the external of the building in a variety of materials including timber, brick slip, plastisol and stone chip
  • Re-positioning and changing the style of windows
  • Re-modelling the internal layout
  • Upgrading fixtures and fittings

We have also put together a few photographs of projects at various stages of modular building refurbishment…

More information and Enquiries

Wintech Modular Projects Limited provide Modular Buildings to all industry Sectors Including construction, Industrial, Leisure and Education. If You Need Help With Any Modular Building Project or have a question relating to any of the information shown above, please call us today on 01302 759 447. Alternatively you can fill out our general enquiries form and we will get back to you to discuss your needs as soon as possible.

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